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Lightning Fast Play Racquetball Balls

We decided to put the Python red racquetballs to the test, and I think you will be a bit surprised to learn what we discovered. First and foremost, I would be the first to NOT recommend this product to novice players, or those who aren’t playing competitively at a tournament level, and I’m going to share why, in this review of the Python red racquetballs.

92 Great Rating

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  • Excellent Durability
  • Lightning Fast Speed
  • Designed for Indoor or Outdoor Play
  • Never ending rallies!

Reasons To Buy 5 Reasons TO Buy

  • Most reviewers found this product to be packaged extremely well on delivery.
  • Some of the reviewers preferred the red ball to blue, due to visibility when playing shots off of glass. They stated the Python red racquetballs were much easier to spot and see.
  • Nearly all positive reviewers felt this racquetball ball was the perfect solution for wanting fast play.
  • Some reviewers were using this ball outside of racquetball, for activities such as fetch with their dog, or physical therapy exercises. All of these reviewers preferred the Python red racquetball for visibility and bounce.
  • Reviewers of this racquetball mentioned needing to adjust their serve, to keep the serve legal, due to increased elasticity and ball travel. They found the ball carried further during the serve.

Reasons To Buy 3 Reasons NOT To Buy

  • Some purchasers of the Python Red Racquetball balls stated they didn’t see a noticeable increase in speed between the recreational blue ball and the red ball.
  • Some verified owners commented negatively regarding the ball being too fast for them, based on weight and ability.
  • A few reviewers left negative reviews in the form of star rating, with no reason as to why they felt negatively about the Python red racquetballs.

My Thoughts On Python Red Racquetballs

I want to be very up front for the novice players, that this racquetball ball is probably not the best ball to use, as you are learning to play racquetball. It’s just too fast for beginners.

That being said, I would highly recommend the Python red racquetball specifically to:

Racquetball players who are trying to improve their response time.

Players who are training for tournament play.

This racquetball ball is one of the fastest balls on the market, and it surely won’t disappoint you in purchasing it, if you are buying this ball for the right reasons. It’s lightning fast rebound off of a wall will keep you moving, in an effort to play your shot.

Product Specifications


Brand: Python

Speed: 10.00

Visibility: 10.00

Durability: 9.00

*Note: The manufacturer does not clearly distinguish or explain how their ratings are calculated for their products.


Python Racquetballs Colors Available:


  • Blue – Designed for Recreational Play
  • Black – The Long Rally Ball
  • Red – Designed for Lightning Fast Play
  • Green – Super Fast with Optimal Visibility
  • RG Multi Red/Blue – Ultimate Combination of Speed & Power
  • RG Multi Red/Black – Ultimate combination of Speed & Long Rallies
  • RG Multi Black/Blue – Ultimate combination of Visibility & Long Rallies

More About Python, Their History, and Their Products

Python Racquetball was started in 1990 by Doug Smith. Mr. Smith owned Python until 2015, when he sold the company to Racquetworld.

Racquetworld is a large online retailer of racquetball products, located in Clifton Park, New York. They are owned by Pat Bernardo. Their website claims they are the largest supplier of Racquetball equipment in the world, however we cannot verify this claim through metrics. Being we don’t trust other’s to make claims about their businesses in good faith or honesty, we highly encourage consumers to purchase through platforms who have a proven track record of outstanding customer service.

There isn’t much more information about the history of Python, or Racquetworld as a company.


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92 Great Rating

Racquetballing® Rating

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