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Our review scoring technique gives each product we review a far more accurate grade. The review is scored from 1 to 100 based on its overall star rating (4.9/5 stars), the total number of reviews offered throughout the web (i.e. 992 reviewers), and my independent investigation of the reviews we uncover from numerous sources.

Review Scoring by Racquetballing

The problem with most e-commerce and product-focused websites is that they only offer sorting of reviews based on “highest reviews” or “most reviews,” which does not allow the customer “YOU” to compare things you are contemplating purchasing.

Furthermore, these sites often put you in the situation of reading at “naked reviews,” which are a slew of star-rating assessments that don’t provide any context for the review rating. You must sift through product reviews to assess the product’s quality, shipping and returns, and overall product quality. Furthermore, the assessments are frequently based on aspects that the manufacturer cannot control, such as shipment times. Finally, we’ve all seen reviews in which there is a product problem (which does occur) and the consumer publishes a harsh evaluation of the manufacturer before giving the firm the opportunity to rectify the issue. Due to emotional actions, this might falsely lower the overall quality score of the product.

How Our Review Scoring Is Calculated

Based on our unique methodology, we employ three elements to calculate our final review grade. The four elements are as follows:

🔥 The total number of reviews obtained by a product from various sources.
🔥 The product’s total rating average (4.1/5 stars)
🔥 We analyze the products and reviews we read on our own. We disregard user ratings that are not accompanied by context. 🔥 If we don’t know why someone rated something a certain way, we can’t be sure the review wasn’t influenced by the maker in exchange for free items or discounts.

When a product has a limited number of reviewers yet a high rating, the weight of our review scoring for that product is normally lower. We just do not trust the product enough to suggest it to customers with a high rating and a small number of reviews to assess its quality.

When a product has a big number of reviews with substance and context, our system needs less tweaks to arrive at the final result.

Our review grading procedure is not the same for positive and negative reviewers. A consumer who writes a favorable review is less beneficial to an overall score than someone who gives a negative one. In addition to the reviews provided by others, our review scoring is determined by our thoughts on the reviews, which adds a human touch to our review score system.

Review Scoring Distribution

We’ve included a graphic below that displays the projected distribution of review scores for all Racquetballing items.

🔥 35.2 percent of the goods we examine have review scores ranging from 80 to 89.
🔥 We give a score of 90-100 to 28.6 percent of the goods we examine.
🔥 A total of 24.1 percent of the goods obtain a review score of 70-79.
🔥 A review score of less than 70 was assigned to 12.1 percent of the goods. 

Potential Flaws In Our Review Scoring

While our review score is normally quite accurate, there are several circumstances that may have an influence on the accuracy of our evaluations. Here are some potential difficulties with our review scoring algorithm:

🔥 The review score system is based on data from many sources on the internet. Some businesses have been discovered to influence their reviews by either putting fraudulent reviews on their sites or avoiding putting unfavorable ratings on their sites. We personally investigate each review considered in order to determine if we believe the reviews are fabricated. When we discover false reviews, we delete them from our review scoring procedure.
🔥 When we come across product evaluations that are based on a certain location, we ignore them in order to provide the most unbiased overall review. We’ve discovered that this method delivers a more real and in-depth appraisal of the goods.

Please bear in mind that the goods we evaluate on Racquetballing are utilized differently by users. While our review score system strives for consistency, the review may fall short of your expectations depending on how you intend to use the product. While our review score method may be right on for one individual, it may be completely wrong for another. While our review score approach is considerably superior to other review procedures, it isn’t always the ideal answer for everyone. Racquetballing takes great satisfaction in offering the greatest review score system on the internet.

Affiliate Disclosure

This site receives commission from vendors, should you click through and purchase from one of the vendors we review products for. Racquetballing will never give false favorable reviews in exchange for commissions, as we strive to give honest reviews of every product we research. We promise.

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