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Mikey Trombley and Halie Annis created Racquetballing for multiple reasons. First, they were tired of buying racquetball products online, trusting a single source of reviews to make a purchasing decision. They found that either the reviews were inconclusive, or they potentially would not purchase a quality product, based on negative reviews from a handful of consumers.

After meeting in college and finding common interest, Mikey and Halie decided to create a review process for the sport they both loved. Through using data tools to find racquetball products people were buying the most, they started researching those products across multiple retail platforms, and creating a collaborative review process.

Once that process was established, they decided to create Racquetballing.com as an affiliate review site, in an effort to provide both quality feedback for consumers, and make a bit of commission along the way to help them pay for books and school.

When you’ve determined a product review is worthy of your spend, we encourage you to click the link on that page to purchase that product from the retailer. We appreciate your visit to our site, and the commissions we earn for helping you do the legwork in researching your desired racquetball gear & products.

About Racquetballing
Mikey Trombley and Halie Annis

What We Do


Finding Products

We find popular racquetball products, which are being sold on various retailer platforms. We ensure there is a tremendous amount of interest from the racquetball community in the various products we are researching.


Hours Of Research

We spend hours researching the various products we’ve found, which are popular for racquetball players. We look at multiple platforms and retailers, and manually read the reviews from actual consumers who have purchased the products.


Review Written

Once we’ve found and researched the various products, we put pen to paper (figuratively) to create an honest review of the product, based on actual consumer reviews. We do the research for you, so you can know up front the good AND the bad about a product before making a purchase.

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Affiliate Disclosure

This site receives commission from vendors, should you click through and purchase from one of the vendors we review products for. Racquetballing will never give false favorable reviews in exchange for commissions, as we strive to give honest reviews of every product we research. We promise.

Trustworthy Reviews

In Depth Research

We spend an average of 10 to 20 hours reading reviews from consumers for each racquetball product we review.

Simple & Straight Forward

Each racquetball product reviewed, will have simple pros & cons to save you time in your search.

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